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Quite simply we have the expertise and experience to design and layout beautiful books.
Book design is a speciality skill which over years has been mastered at Billy Boy Design.

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  1. 01. Rethink Building Supplies book

    Project involved both cover design and layout of 300 page book which was highly visual.

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  2. 02. Management Essential Series

    Brief: Design 5 covers and internal design for a business series. No major visuals to be used as this […]

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  3. 03. Book Covers

    Brief (Wild Byron): Capture a photographers visual diary of life and characters who live in the Byron Shire. (Camp […]

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  4. 04. Pet Accommodation

    Brief: Cover design + internal layout for pet accommodation book. Result: Eye catching cover design to cover all pets […]

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  5. 05. Business Books

    Motivation books, training, management

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  6. 06. Guide books

    Brief: Cover and internal design. Titles range from 4 wheel driving, surf spots, caravanning, trekking, city tourist walks

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  7. 07. Cooking books

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  8. 08. Hotel books

    Brief: Cover and internal design. Titles are used as coffee table books for hotels and include extensive historical content […]

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  9. 09. Coffee table books

    Brief: Cover and internal layout. Titles range from art books, poetry, sports books. Link to flip book preview of […]

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  10. 10. General Books

    Brief: Working with Woodslane Publishing cover design and internal layout.

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  11. 11. Festival Guide

    Brief: Cover and internal design of a national festival guide. Required extensive image research.

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