A strong brand is a great thing to be. It doesn’t waste time being generic and forgettable – it goes straight for the distinctive and desirable. It starts a passionate dialogue with customers.

We’ll help you identify what really makes your business sing. We’ll then express that essence across everything your business does – your logo, your packaging, your corporate stationery, your responsive website – and in a fresh way that will stick in your customer’s mind’ whenever it’s encountered.

We offer the following design services for Branding


There’s an art to designing logos. The ultimate embodiment of your brand, your logo must stand above your competitors while still representing your industry. It must be simple, recognisable, memorable, unique and timeless. Do you need a new logo or perhaps a rebrand?

We can all do with a little makeover every now and then, and brands are no different. If your logo’s looking tired or your image needs a ‘lift’, Billy Boy Design can help revitalise your brand with a refreshing new look.

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Psychology accounts for a huge part of branding – getting into your customers’ heads to discover their needs, barriers and motivations. At Billy Boy Design, we’ll tailor a unique strategy that matches what they want, with what you have to offer by pinpointing your USP (unique selling proposition) and ensuring you stand apart from your competitors.

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Brand Identity

Visual identity goes well beyond stationery into the look and feel of every aspect of your brand. When we develop a brand identity, we do so for packaging, signage, vehicles, uniforms, or store design, as much as the communications materials. And when it comes to maintaining a coherent look & feel, you can’t go past us for design that dazzles.

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Social Media

Social Media is a core tool in your marketing arsenal so lets make it work for you. From Facebook to Linkedin, Instagram to Pinterest, Twitter to Youtube. We provide both imagery and content.

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