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Outsourced marketing for B2C & B2B

B2C – Getting inside your consumer’s head with a clear message is a key to effective communications. And our creative teams have plenty of experience to help you achieve that – from developing a brand look and feel, to communicating in the appropriate tone of voice right throughout the path to purchase.

B2B – Communicating to businesses requires a different approach to consumer marketing. And while that can lead to a different tone of voice or different media, it doesn’t mean the work has to have a humanity bypass. Our creative team understand the balance required, which is why they’re ready to help your business talk business with other businesses.

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Small Business Marketing

Effective marketing is as much about ideas as spend. We’re acutely tuned to the needs of small business and the financial limitations that they’re under. But instead of treating small budgets as a problem, our creative teams treat it as a challenge, inspiring new ways to get the right message, to the right people.

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Acquisition & Retention Campaigns

New business is all about building relationships. Advertising, social media, websites, flyers and targeted mailers are all effective ways to strike up that initial conversation. And a conversation with Billy Boy Design about acquisition will put you well on your way growing your market share.

Of course, while you’re busy chasing new business, you also need to pay attention to your most valuable audience – your current one. If these customers have made repeat purchases in the past, chances are they’ll be up for using you again because they know and trust you. The trick is to make them more ‘sticky’, meaning more likely to stick around, by ensuring you remain relevant and top of mind. eNewsletters, SMS updates, social media, customer satisfaction surveys, loyalty programs and rewards are all effective ways to keep your lines of communication open, stay top of mind and make more sales. But be careful not to overdo it, or they’ll feel bombarded and will switch off completely.
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Membership Campaigns

Giving a little extra back to your customers can be an excellent way to gain their respect and loyalty. Members feel a stronger affinity when your brand goes out of its way to make your relationship with them seem special.

But not all membership campaigns are the same – and what they actually offer has a huge bearing on a customer’s willingness to sign up. That’s where our creative team comes in. From loyalty discounts and points, right through to altruistic schemes involving your brand (and by default, your customers) with a charity, they’ll come up with ideas that’ll send the love full circle

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